Upcoming 2G Roundtable

Sunday, February 28th, 1 P.M.

Join HAMEC for another 2G Roundtable to hear important descendant testimony!
The event will be held on Sunday, February 28th at 1 P.M. on Zoom.

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Our panelists, Tammy Newman Forstater and Jeffrey Strauss will share family stories of Holocaust survival, moderated by Jeanette Neumann Berstein. These members of Sons & Daughters of Holocaust Survivors will also speak on the importance of 2G community.
Tammy Newman ForstaterTammy Newman Forstater is a child of Holocaust Survivors. Her father Yitzchak Neuman came from Richka in the former Czechoslovakia, now in Ukraine and spent years in multiple slave labor camps between 1943 and 1945. Her mother, whose given name was Ita Eigerman but went by Eda Newman in the US, miraculously survived almost 3 years in Auschwitz, arriving with 998 other young women on the first Jewish final solution transport there in March 1942. They met after the war in a DP camp, married and arrived in the US in 1949. Tammy was born in Philadelphia in 1950 and her sister, Sharon, was born in 1957.
Jeffrey StraussJeffrey Strauss is the son of Holocaust Survivors who met in Philadelphia after World War II. His mother is from a Schrick, a village near Vienna, Austria. She is a survivor of Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Terezin, and Gross Rosen. His father, from Bad Mergentheim, Germany, was able to escape and arrived in the United States in 1939. Jeff’s mother endured extreme loss and deprivation. Her distant cousin Ilse, who was on the Kindertransport to England, always reminded Jeff how much she suffered. Despite all of her loss, his mother was a friendly, sweet, and kind woman who was very loving to family and friends. Jeffrey was born in 1956, and his older sister, Susan, was born in 1952.
Jeanette Neumann BersteinJeanette Neumann Berstein is the daughter of two Holocaust Survivors- Heinz A. Neumann, born in Berlin, Germany and Ethel Zloczower, born in Pforzheim, Germany. Jeanette is also a sister, wife, and mother of two children. She is a graduate of Temple University and an accountant. Jeanette is a founding member of Sons &  Daughters of Holocaust Survivors.

Our Education Programs

Our programs serve the five-county area of Greater Philadelphia. They are appropriate for 5th – 12th grade students and we offer a variety of educational programs, including eyewitness testimonies, personal interactions with eyewitnesses, two live theater performances, and docent-led museum tours.
Survivor Presentation
Our Witness to History Project – Survivor Presentations provide Delaware Valley students and adults the opportunity to hear first-hand testimony from one of our Holocaust Survivors, Liberators, or Resistors. These eyewitnesses are the richest and...
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Witness To History Project
The Witness To History Project is designed to further the message and lessons of the Holocaust through direct interaction between students and Holocaust survivors. Participants adopt a survivor by learning their unique account by listening to them...
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Anne Frank Theater Project
The Anne Frank Theater Project is interactive experience that encourages critical thinking, compassion, and inquiry. The two plays offered are age appropriate for audiences ranging from 6th grade students to adults. The performances are appropriate...
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Virtual Tours & Exhibitions
Tours Our Museum houses the largest public collection of personal Holocaust artifacts in Philadelphia belonging to survivors, liberators, and resistors and their families and is open to the public. They tell individual stories of pre-war European...
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Our organization provided a total of 230 educational programs focused on the lessons of the Holocaust and the dangers of intolerance, racism and anti-Semitism during...
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