Recovering the Past: Researching the Fate of One’s Family in the Shoah

Jerry Zaks
Jerry Zaks

Join HAMEC for an evening with Jerry Zaks, who will present his journey into personalized family Holocaust research, with strategies and suggestions for those who wish to dive into their own family histories.

Jerry Zaks is a 2nd Generation Survivor. After retiring in 2016 from a successful career in IT and computer programming, Jerry started a quest of researching and documenting the history of his parents’ experiences and hardships growing up in Poland in the 1930’s. Utilizing the computer and internet skills learned during his career he has spent over 4+ years assembling a detailed presentation which bears witness to his parents’ story.

Continuing his efforts to keep the memory of the Shoah alive, Jerry has now completed, and will conduct a presentation, on HOW to research the history of one’s family in the Holocaust. Titled “Recovering the Past: Researching the Fate of One’s Family in the Shoah” Jerry will show how anyone can find, interpret, and translate amazing details on their family’s Holocaust experiences.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.


Erasing the Silence: The Story of an Afro-Caribbean in the Nazi Era

Mary L. Romney-Schaab
Mary L. Romney-Schaab
The African Diaspora’s history has been lost, excluded, or written by others. Mary L. Romney-Schaab tells the story of her father, Lionel Romney, an Afro-Caribbean, imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp system. From Fossoli to Mauthausen, this is the true story of a Black survivor’s place in the Holocaust narrative. Mary’s journey to capture her father’s story illuminates the importance and significance of oral history to individuals, their families, and at times to the overall historical record.

Sunday, February 6th, 2022 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.
A special Q&A for students and teachers from 3:00pm-3:30pm.


In partnership with Philadelphia Councilmember Isaiah Thomas’ office for a Black History Month event.

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Survivor Presentation

Our Witness to History Project – Survivor Presentations provide Delaware Valley students and adults the opportunity to hear first-hand testimony from one of our Holocaust Survivors, Liberators, or Resistors. These eyewitnesses are the richest and...
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The Witness To History Project is designed to further the message and lessons of the Holocaust through direct interaction between students and Holocaust survivors. Participants adopt a survivor by learning their unique account by listening to them...
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Virtual Tours Our Museum houses the largest public collection of personal Holocaust artifacts in Philadelphia belonging to survivors, liberators, and resistors and their families. At this time, virtual tours are available and open to the...
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In Memory of Natalie Sharf

In Memory of Natalie Scharf We mourn the passing of Natalie Scharf, Survivor and long time supporter of our mission. Ms. Scharf, whose Hebrew name...
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Arizona becomes 18th State to mandate Holocaust education.

Governor Ducey Signs Holocaust Education Bill July 9, 2021 PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today signed legislation to ensure the next generation of Arizonans learns...
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In Memory of Michael Herskovitz

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Wisconsin becomes 17th State to mandate Holocaust education.

Wisconsin becomes 17th State to mandate Holocaust education as Gov. Tony Evers signs bipartisan bill Wisconsin schools will be required to provide education on the...
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