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Gunter Hauer Passport Tour

Our Museum houses the largest public collection of personal Holocaust artifacts in Philadelphia belonging to survivors, liberators, and resistors and their families. At this time, virtual tours are available and open to the public. The artifacts tell individual stories of pre-war European life, ghettos and concentration camps, resistance, liberation, resettlement, and transitions to Philadelphia. These precious artifacts, documents, and photographs relate the tragic and inspirational stories of our local survivor community.

We offer personalized virtual tours for individuals, families, and classes during the week by appointment. These can last anywhere between thirty minutes to more than two hours. Please contact us beforehand to schedule a tour or you can perform a self-guided tour below.

Current Exhibitions

The Holocaust Through the Eyes of Survivors: The Philadelphia Connection

Virtual ExhibitWe house the largest public collection of personal Holocaust artifacts in the Philadelphia area belonging to local survivors, liberators, resistors, and their families – and it is now available virtually. Join us for a guided or unguided tour of this digital exhibition highlighting our incredible collection and the personal stories associated with them. This virtual tour incorporates a variety of Holocaust stories all from individuals who settled in or around Philadelphia after WWII. It incorporates unique personal artifacts of survivors, liberators, and resistors to provide a personal and deeper historical understanding about the Holocaust, and uses video footage of personal testimony from our Legacy Library to enhance the experience. This exhibition runs through Fall 2021.

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