Bertha Schwarz, Hidden Child

Bertha Schwarz (Nee Teitelbaum) was born in Antwerp, Belgium on January 10th, 1933. She was the eldest of her parent’s Asher and Dora’s three daughters and also lived with her grandparents. Bertha grew up in a Hasidic household and recalls going to synagogue with her father who was the Cantor.

Bertha recalls in the late 1930’s listening to news programs on their family radio. She recalls her mother commenting on the news of what was happening to the Jews in Germany. When the Nazis invaded  Belgium on May of 1940, Bertha and her family fled Antwerp by train. After several days Bertha and her family arrived in the small village of Villemur in Southern France, where they were met by the Red Cross and provided them with an apartment.

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