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New Art Exhibit by The Temple Judea Museum Opens This Month

Journey into Darkness….Heal with the Beauty of Life

Journey into Darkness….Heal with the Beauty of Life is a new exhibition that displays paintings by Holocaust survivor Harry Somers and sculptural reliefs by local artist Frank Root, as well as objects from the Temple Judea Museum Collection: Holocaust and Acts of Oppression and Resistance.

The exhibition opens on Friday, March 19th and will run through Wednesday, June 30th. Please see the contact information below to schedule your visit! A virtual experience will be available on the Temple Judea Museum’s YouTube channel.

Journey Into Darkness....Heal with the Beauty of Life

“The idea for this exhibition came to me because of my work with HAMEC and from the impact I witnessed among my students when they saw works by Frank Root and heard Harry Somer’s story. I wanted the community beyond our school to experience the same power of art as a component of Holocaust Education. I feel seeing the darkness of Frank’s relief work and then showing the beauty of Harry’s paintings is inspiring and memorable. If we give everyone the opportunity to experience Holocaust education with art, artifacts and survivor testimonies, then we can have a brighter future for all. The title of the exhibition reflects my hopes.” – Guest Curator Lise Marlowe, 2021

The Temple Judea Museum
Director/Curator: Rita Rosen Poley
Chair: Karen Shain Schloss Friends’ Chair: Norma Meshkov
TJM Artists’ Collaborative Chair: Marlene D’Orazio Adler
215-887-8700, ext. 416; TJMuseum@kenesethisrael.org; www.kenesethisrael.org/museum
Visitors welcome by appointment. Masks must be worn.
An accessible facility