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Yad Vashem

“Jews from Kiev and the Surrounding Areas Murdered at Babi Yar” In honor of the 80th anniversary of the massacre, photographs of 80 victims link to their personal stories. Yad Yashem- Babi Yar

“The Onset of Mass Murder – The Fate of Jewish Families in 1941” tells the stories of Jewish families in the wake of “Operation Barbarossa” and their ultimate fate. Yad Vashem: Onset of Mass Murder

To read more: Until the Very Last Jew: Eighty Years Since the Onset of Mass Annihilation

“Rescue by Jews: ‘One for All’”  Young Jews from the Hanoar Hazioni youth group joined with other youth movements in southwest Poland in 1942 to sabotage German property, disrupt deportations, obtain false documents, and smuggle Jews across borders.  Yad Vashem: One For All

“Insights and Perspectives – Video Lecture Series 2020-21” Access to a broad range of online lectures by Yad Vashem’s scholars, curators, and educators. Yad Vashem: Lectures 2020-2021

Fortunoff Video Archive For Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University

“Those Who Were There: Voices from the Holocaust”, Season 2 – in collaboration with the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Unique podcast series featuring 10 episodes of oral testimonies from the MJH Collection. Site includes Season 1 podcast series, drawn from the Yale collection. Yale Fortunoff Voices from the Holocaust