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Remember, My Child

Book of the Month

By Itka Frajam Zygmuntowicz

“Remember, my child, no matter what they do, don’t let them make you hateful and bitter, don’t let them destroy you.”

As they stood at the gates of Auschwitz, Itka’s mother shared

these final words with tears in her eyes, before they were parted forever. Itka was sixteen.

Life in a close-knit shtetl ended for Itka and her family when the Nazis invaded Poland in September 1939. The ghetto, deportation, and the death camps would follow. Itka survived to start a new life — to marry and raise four sons. Throughout her post-liberation life in Sweden and the United States, Itka has honored her mother’s message by affirming that love can triumph over hatred and evil. She committed early on to bearing public witness to the Holocaust and the dangers of bigotry and indifference.

Itka’s heroic story, expressed in her own words, will leave you inspired and moved by the power of spiritual resistance and unconditional love.

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