In Memory of Natalie Sharf

In Memory of Natalie Scharf

We mourn the passing of Natalie Scharf, Survivor and long time supporter of our mission.

Ms. Scharf, whose Hebrew name is Necha bat Rasel, was born in Jaworzno, Poland in 1925. The Holocaust decimated her family – her parents, Yitzhak and Rasel, and three sisters, Chava, Rivka, and Sarah, were killed along with many others; she survived but spent several harrowing years in the Gabersdorf labor camp. Her brother, Leon, and one sister, Yadja, also survived. She met her husband, Bernard, in a displaced persons camp after the war and in 1947 they settled in Philadelphia. Ms. Scharf worked as a seamstress for many years and was a member and choir singer with the Association of Jewish New Americans. She overcame her experiences to build a loving family and is survived by her son, Jeffrey and daughter-in-law Nancy, and her daughter Andie and son-in-law Yehuda as well as grandchildren Joshua, Michael, Cara, Niva, and Jonathan, and great grandchildren Aidan, Daria, and Benjamin, plus many other family members both blood and chosen.

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Watch a clip of her video testimony from the USC Shoah Foundation

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