Man Vandalizes Holocaust Memorial In Center City

Man Vandalizes Holocaust Memorial In Center City

Vandalism strikes at Holocaust Memorial in Center City

“Once he was in front of the pillars of the Holocaust Memorial on the 1600 block of the Ben Franklin Parkway, he used an unknown object to carve “RBM” and two SS bolts into the pillars.”Vandalism Strikes at Holocaust Memorial in Center City
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We understand that because hate never takes a vacation, neither can we. The recent vandalism at the Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial in Center City is another reminder that in addition to being vigilant against the haters among us we must do our best to prevent others from joining their ranks. Our mission to educate as many young people as we can about the horrible consequences of hatred is driven by our many survivors and volunteers and hundreds of members.

We don’t know if the perpetrator of this vile act and others who have done far worse including murder, had listened to a Holocaust survivor while in school would have still acted in this evil manner.

We do know that among the over 250,000 students our Survivors reached in the last 10 years there are a great many whose lives have been changed for the better. For them and all of us. How do we know? They and their teachers have told us! Please join us in our ongoing and unfortunately necessary cause.

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