Press Release – Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center Creates Holocaust Awareness Junior League and Embarks on Crowdfunding Campaign

Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center Creates Holocaust Awareness Junior League and Embarks on Crowdfunding Campaign

July 25, 2016

The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center of Philadelphia introduces the “HAJL” – the Holocaust Awareness Junior League, made up of students in grades 7 through college!  There is no other organization like it! Under HAMEC’s guidance and tutelage, these students are forming and chairing their own committees through which they will participate in furthering Holocaust education, fund-raise for the museum to support survivor programs, get involved with advocacy to mandate Holocaust education nationwide, create Holocaust-themed art projects, and more!  The team is building. Interested students are welcome to join! Contact for details.

And the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center of Philadelphia has begun a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN to raise funds to Skype Holocaust survivor programs into schools which are geographically located too far away for our survivors to travel. View the campaign on Indiegogo Generosity here:

HAMEC offers one-of-a-kind Holocaust Survivor and WWII Liberator programs to students who want to learn about the lessons of the Holocaust from those who experienced it. In the last three years, our 30 eyewitnesses have reached more than 100,000 students in Greater Philadelphia!


Our survivors and WWII liberators are geographically constrained to the Greater Philadelphia area and we are increasingly receiving phone calls from schools outside of our program area that we can’t reach. We want to raise funds to build a Skype media center for our speakers to reach these schools

and DOUBLE the number of programs and students we educate over the next two years.  Every dollar raised is another student reached!

Time is running out, as this is the last generation of Holocaust survivors, WWII liberators and eyewitnesses. Those interested in donating any amount to perpetuate this program, should visit our Generosity fundraiser and share this campaign with their friends and family on social media.

Thanks to some generous angel donors, $1 will be ADDED for every $2 dollars donated through October 15th!

The Holocaust Awareness Museum, located at 10100 Jamison Ave., Suite 210, Philadelphia, PA, is the premier provider of Holocaust education programs in the Delaware Valley.  In the last school year alone, HAMEC completed nearly 500 programs and reached over 43,000 students. With passage of

Pennsylvania’s new Holocaust and Genocide education law and implementation currently under way, and other states recently mandating Holocaust and genocide education as well, those numbers are expected to increase exponentially.  The museum has been dedicated to educating students about of the

consequences of intolerance and hate.  Each year museum programs reach thousands of students through Holocaust survivor presentations, school visits, videos, and plays such as the Anne Frank Theater Project.  The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center is a non-profit organization supported

by grants from the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany, government and foundation grants, and also private donations.

For more information on HAMEC contact: Geoff Quinn, Program Director, Holocaust Awareness Museum, (215) 464-4703,

Rhonda Fink-Whitman

Media and Marketing Coordinator,

Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center, Phila., PA

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